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I talked to a tree, and I think it talked back.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

So.... I went outside today; I talked to a tree, and I think it talked back!???

You might be thinking oh she's crazy. And sure maybe I am but hear me out.

I am not someone that likes the outside very much. If lived by the beach, or a river I would spend all my time outside. If I had a pool I would be outside more, but since I don't my life is lived indoor.

Nevertheless, I was going a little crazy having not seen the sun in weeks so I went outside. Now I still hate the sun so I choose a day that was pretty cloudy, but I was outside with the wind in my hair and it was nice.

When we moved to the house I currently live in my father planted some trees. He picked one tree and had me, my mother, and brother pick one each. My father loves gardening so our back yard is full of plants, but the special part of the trees is that we were all going to plant those together. My brother was too young to help much with his tree, my mother does not like planting, and I am not good at it. But still I help plant my apple tree. Now it has been like 10 years and that tree has never given an apple and it never will, so my father wants to cut it down. However, he is not going to cut it unless I tell him I'm fine with it coming down.

Now you might be thinking 'cute but what does that have to do with talking to trees?' Well let me tell you.

On that day I went outside and I talked to that apple tree. Because here is the thing sure it has never given fruit, but its my tree. Its something I have seen grow for 10 years and it almost hurts to see it go. It would be one more thing that has to end this year. So I went out and talked to it. Well more like talked at it. I almost cried to it.

Asked all sort of questions, including how it felt about getting cut down. I had never taken care of that tree, while I called it my it really doesn't belong to me. So it does not seem right for me to make that decision. It grew on its on, what right do I have to cut it down.

As you can see I am sentimental, and maybe a bit crazy. The thing is there was a peace that settled after I did this. No I did not come to a decision about cutting it down. No it didn't actually say anything to me. However, there was this calmness that filled me, as if the tree was telling me that everything was going to be fine.

I closed my eyes and let the wind move though my hair, and the tree branched softly moved across my arm. I felt comforted in a way I had not felt in a while.

And I ask you is this so wrong, is it really crazy to air out my feelings? I don't think so. In fact in the last few months I have found that this is actually extremely helpful. I have also learned that most times I don't need someone to respond, I don't need advice, I just need someone that listens. And let me tell you, if nothing else, the tree is a great listener.

And so my fellow travelers on this path called life, I challenge you to talk to a tree or any other plant. Or maybe some other object, a stuff animal maybe. Just speak, don't think. Let what you are holding inside out.

You never know, in these trying times it might be just what you need.

PS. the pic below is not from my backyard. Its from when I was in Colorado years ago, my camera is not working with me at the moment :(

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