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We all fall down.

When I think about the past month I can not think about what I did. Well I listened to a boyband playlist on YouTube for hours. I also contemplated starting to post on TikTok. However, I have mostly been trying to help a family member that has been going through a very hard time.

In this month I have been confronted with the fact that mental illness looks different on everyone. This was something I already knew, when most of your friend group experience depression it's easy to see the differences. It had never really made me feel as helpless as it does now.

This month I was once again reminded that we all fall down.

For a month I sat on my bed wondering what to do. How I could be helpful without my mental health hurting. Then I sat there feeling guilty that I was making it about me.

Do I have any answer now that I didn't at the start of the month? No

Did I make a lot of impulse buys because I was struggling? Yes

Will I regret the way I acted and my actions this month? No

This month was not easy, but when has life been easy.

So I was not as productive as I could have been, who cares? No one, so I won't either.

Will I try to make next month better? 100%

And so my fellow travelers on this road we call life, remember there might be bad months but they do not have define you. So I ask that you toast with me to the end of February and the start of march. May this up coming month be a time of growing, healing, and prospering.

Ps. a photo of one of the oldest trees in Mexico. It reminds me that no matter what happens around me or to me, I can continue to grow and heal.

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