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What the Fuck U.S!

I am at a loss for words.

What happened yesterday in Washington DC was a disgrace. I can't even say I'm surprised because I'm not. After hearing the president of my country tell white supremacist to "stand down and stand by" I was waiting for this to happen.

However, I cannot even begin to explain what I feel at the fact that there are people in congress still willing to stand behind a man that caused a domestic terrorist attack on a government building that put their lives at risk. How can they look at themselves in the fucking mirror after that? Can someone explain that to me.

A women is dead.

A women lost her life because a power hungry fascist wants to stay in power, and he convinced her that he cared. How fucked up is that.

The truth is he did not care.

I have heard from people I know that are republicans about how angry their families who voted for trump are. They act as if this is not what they voted for. However, we can not let them shed all the blame from their shoulders.

They need to realized they are part of the reason this happened, and if they really don't like yesterdays mess then they have to fight to change it. Lets fight to get trump out of office. I know he has like 2 weeks to go, but it's about the principal of the thing. It is about us as US citizens saying we will not let a fascist who instigates violence end his term as president. It is about proving that we will no longer stand by and let this happen.

Because, sadly, we let this happen too.

But fellow travelers on this path called life, we cannot let this happen again. I challenge us to fight so democracy can win.

Below are two link to petitions you can sign. I know there are more petitions so please look them up. Also call your congress rep. and let them know you want trump to be remove. Make your voice heard.

PS. a cloud because I needed to be reminded of something good today.

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